There are developments taking place all over the world for different types of concrete equipments. However, the transit mixer is one of the most .popular equipments out of several modes available. In India too, a number of transit mixers are in use all over the country which are mainly mounted on Indian Truck chassis. The mixer drum is either manufactured in India or is improved. However, in general, the hydraulic system is improved.

In India 4 Cum. Truck mixers are popular while the 6 and 8 Cum. Truck mixers mounted on a 3 axle chassis enjoy a leading position on all world markets as it has a favourable cost- performance ratio, large selection of chassis, good man ability and is more suited to general batch size requirements.


Cement trucks are also commonly known as concrete mixer trucks. These large trucks are used by construction workers to carefully place large amounts of cement. New models of various concrete mixer trucks are released every year, but the overall function of the vehicles is the same. In addition to transporting and pouring concrete, these trucks also mix the cement along the way.

Mixing Process

Cement trucks have a large drum on the back that carries the concrete. Workers pour a mixture of cement, sand or gravel, and water into this drum through a chute before the truck leaves. The drum, which has blades inside, then begins slowly revolving as the cement is transported from one location to another. This constant motion mixes the contents inside to create concrete and also keeps the mixture from hardening. Once the truck arrives at its destination, the motion of the drum is reversed to push the cement mix forward and out the chute so it can be poured.