]Welcome to KVT Concrete

KVT Concrete Plant is located in Manalur just 10 Kms away from Madurai with a production capcacity of 60 cubic metre per hour.  It is equipped with all modern facilities and utilizes world class German based ‘Liebherr’ machinery to ensure considerent product quality.  KVT Concrete offers its customers the convenience of having the total concrete requirement under single roof.

With a wide range of mixing plants and truck mixers, KVT Concrete can provide the right soulution for econmical production and optimum transport of high quality concrete.

KVT has adequate fleet of the latest Transit Mixers and Concrete Pumps to suit varied needs and work sites to enable our customers get timely and required quantity of high quality concrete.


  • Consistent Quality 
  • Right strength and Durabilty  
  • Ensures speedier construction  
  • No need for storage of raw materials at sites  
  • No wastage  
  • Less labour cost  
  • Available round the clock  


RMC as it is popularly called refers to Concrete specifically produced in a batching plant to a set strength and quality to suit customer needs. RMC is delivered at construction site in a freshly mixed and unhardened state for immediate use.

We pay great attention to ever stage, from products design, purchasing raw materials to manufacturing to ensure high quality concrete. KVt concrete is the result of updated technology, stringent quality checks, use of finest raw matrieals and expertise of top class engineers.